About Me

I love to organize since I was young; my sister said I am obsessed with organizing. I used to move my bed, bookshelf and desk around and reorganized it in my bedroom once in a while, want to find a right spot for each item, and feel good about it. I know the positions of every book in my bookshelf, I will know if someone took one of the books, even though they put it back in the same location, I have a sense of "someone was in my room".

I am a mother of two kids, my passion for organizing increased when I became a mother. As a busy mother and a wife, my time is limited; I have read a lot of books teaching me how to organize or how to do housework sufficiently. Although I have learnt some techniques for organizing and housekeeping, but not until I have read "The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, I realized the 'TRUE' meaning of organizing. As inspired by Marie Kondo, I have started looking for a simple way of living, and at the same time, I hope I can help others with my skills and passion for organizing; therefore, I thought about starting my own business.

I believe that decluttering is not just to get rid of things, it's a process for us to realize our relationships with your possessions, you're also decluttering your mind and your past, and from there, better life in the future. Therefore, I've decided to take a further step in my career as well as my life study "Life Coaching". I hope through "Amanda Hsu Coaching" I can help you to live a simple and more meaningful life.



Vermont, Vic 3133, Melbourne Australia

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Vermont VIC, Australia

Email: amandaorhsucoaching@gmail.com

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