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About me

I am a mother of two kids, my passion for organizing increased when I became a mother. As a busy mother and a wife, my time is limited; I have read a lot of books teaching me how to organize or how to do housework sufficiently. Although I have learnt some techniques for organizing and housekeeping, but not until I have read "The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, I realized the 'TRUE' meaning of organizing.


As inspired by Marie Kondo, I started to look for a simple way of living, at the same time, I hope I can help others with my skills and passion for organizing. Therefore, after a few months of starting my own business as a home organizer, I've decided to take a further step in my career as well as my life to study "Life Coaching".


My services

Online Consultation - Home Organizing Recommendation Proposal

Home Organizing

Analysis of the problems for the space provided and provide recommendations for organizing steps, allocation and storage items.

Home Organizing Coaching Session

Home Organizing

This is one on one coaching, including guidance, accompany with the clients and hands-on help.

Online Coaching Session

Life coaching

This is one on one 1-hour in-depth conversation coaching session, which will behold via zoom or skype.


The coaching session will assist and guide you to clarify the existing obstacles and lead you to the goals you want.

My Works


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